CORONAVIRUS: Four ways we are keeping you safe

1. Hygiene

We handwash before and after any direct patient contact, wear masks/goggles/gloves with every patient encounter and full gown N95 mask and gear for any suspected Covid19 patients. We disinfect all high touch areas constantly and every room between each patient use. We track and segregate well and sick rooms. Any suspected Covid19 patient is seen in a side room, car or telehealth visit. We will likely convert other safe spaces for these visits during the fall. We continue to schedule most well visits early in the day with occasional sick patients in the morning handled in safe spaces that are tracked and cleaned.

2. Screening:

We screen all employees and people entering our building for fever and symptoms. While some parents object to this screening, we are mandated by Governor Inslee’s decree to do this and we would appreciate your cooperation in non-invasive fever checks and symptom screening.

3. Social Distancing:

We are greater than 6 feet away from patients and each other unless masked. In and out of the office we are practicing social distancing and other protective measures. We still prefer one parent and one child to come to visits but understand that there are times that this is not possible or preferred. Telehealth is working well, especially for behavioral health visits, rashes, some well visits and chronic health issue follow up visits. It is super easy and our link is on our website and we can walk you through the connection. We are open to seeing you in your car.

4. Masks

We wear masks anytime we are around other people and during patient encounters we wear a surgical or N95 mask at all times. We do ask all adults entering the building to wear masks as per our Thurston County health directive, but understand that it may not be safe or possible for younger or special needs children. We prefer that vented masks are not used as they protect you, but not others.

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